Introducing the new BMW 7 series in Lisbon

Last June was held in Lisbon, a singular event.

The new BMW 7 Series was presented during a special dinner prepared by seven chefs and sommeliers seven to more than 400 people in two days.
STERNBLU had the pleasure of sponsoring the event, providing the necessary equipment for the production of food.
The main courses and desserts were some made-up with the new technology of combi ovens COMBISTAR, FX series ANGELO PO.
The STERNBLU of TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PICKET been in Readiness regime throughout the event which lasted two days.

Chefs in full meal preparation

Chef Jose Aviles chef Rui Paula and chef Henrique Sá Pessoa carefully preparing each dish to your meal.
Can be seen in the background, under the Seven, the CombiStar ANGELO PO ovens that served to confecionar various dishes and desserts.

Chefs and Sommeliers toast to the success of the new BMW 7 series.